Wind power has grown strongly in recent years. For Sweden, nuclear power will be phased out during the coming decades, which causes a need of new generators such as wind energy. In Denmark and other countries, large amounts of wind power are currently in operation and it is expected that the amount will increase significantly.

In a power system there is a need to keep a good voltage. This is often done by using the synchronous generators in the power plants connected to the transmission system. With large amounts of solar and wind power enters the system, then the amount of these centrally power plants will decrease. The question is then how to keep the voltage.

The possibility to be studied here is to use wind power stations on other voltage levels to keep the voltage on the transmission level. Methods concerning controller design, communication and parameter setting will be combined with impact studies on real networks in order to estimate the possibility to implement this option.



Project duration
March 15th 2016 – August 15th 2018

The project is funded by the H2020 Smart Grids Plus programme and EUDP programme with a budget of 2 M DKK. The Swedish partner is supported by the H2020 Smart Grids Plus programme and the Swedish Energy Authority.

KTH, Vattenfall